TicketThe JCS Ticketing team has been built on a modern, scalable architecture which, combined with our professional Business Services expertise, presents sports organisations with the opportunity to improve ticket sales processes, provides an enhanced customer experience and revenues.  JCS is able to bring each organisation on to the JCS hosted environment, which offers a very secure, scalable platform with server to application support.

The JCS platform is already a tried and tested solution that has been launched and implemented across all 15 Jockey Club Racecourses with great success and is now also fully up and running at 3 County Cricket Clubs and the Badminton Horse Trials.  JCS understands the requirements of a sports business, from both a functional and reporting point of view.  Familiarity with sports business requirements and the strength of JCS’ solution gives us the capacity and knowledge to work with organisations experiencing similar ticketing and CRM requirements.

The key USP behind the JCS Ticketing solution is the Business Services team that brings the software platform to life.  The team fully supports JCS clients on the platform and ensures that each and every event is fully optimized from both a business and customer perspective.

JCS is confident that we are very well positioned to provide the technology and business leadership to help all professional sports organisations achieve the objectives required from a ticketing platform.  In consideration of integration with your website, access control and with existing CRM software, we believe JCS offers a compelling alternative to all the current platforms.