WifiFor many venues, post installation of the physical equipment, Central Infrastructure is the missing component.  Jockey Club Services (JCS) is able to provide each venue access to the JCS Data Centre that is already working so effectively at all racecourse venues.  The central infrastructure is made-up of:

  • Ucopia
    Guest portal access: Allows data capture (Facebook, Twitter profiles, e-mail addresses), branded to the venue’s requirements.
  • Fortigate
    Content Management. Enterprise class firewall capable of managing (reporting, allowing or filtering) content for up to 1 million concurrent connections.
  • Reporting
    SQL reporting platform delivers customer or canned reports and data extracts available for use by the venue CRM platform.

Data Analysis and Reporting as part of back-end provision

The systems utilised for the Public Wi-Fi solution provide significant amounts of data on activity of users of the system, the sites they visit as well as those that are blocked by the system (such as non-betting partner sites).  Additionally, by leveraging user logon using Social Media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, integration significantly increases the amount of data that can be obtained on each user of the system.

Furthermore, by using positional data from each wireless array it is possible to trend user activity and location data so that the locations where customers use internet access and the type of access may be correlated.

Reporting is critical to the on-going commercial success of the Wi-Fi and the ability to obtain further revenues from commercial partners and other sponsorship opportunities.  It is possible to demonstrate the value of association for a commercial partner for each event.  By providing this information revenue can be assured as can the potential for further value from partners.

Furthermore, reporting on non permitted sites enables commercial discussion with future commercial partners.  Knowing that 1000 customers tried to use a blocked site provides a compelling starting discussion about becoming a partner.

Above and beyond this initial business case however, there are other opportunities to obtaining knowledge by mining the data the Wi-Fi solution provides.  For example, knowing that users have accessed a sponsor’s website in the same area as the sponsor’s advertisements or within a particular promotional time period can provide additional commercial benefit.  Furthermore, the system is capable of determining the movement patterns of customers across the venue for future planning, sponsorship leverage, security or other uses.

The JCS proposition includes significant central resources to pull together all data into a central database for reporting and analytics to be carried out.

Standard daily, weekly and monthly reports can be compiled that will then be automatically created and archived on the system to avoid the need for on demand reporting.  Key stakeholders at an individual racecourse can define reporting requirements.